School Foodservice

“With today’s emphasis on unhealthy eating habits, obesity, and the long-term effects of early childhood and adolescent nutrition, we sought to make a difference." - Paul Boundas, Owner

We started by making food from scratch using fresh ingredients as if every meal were intended for our own children. By limiting typical daily options such as hot dogs, nachos, potato chips, french fries, candy, pop, and other low value foods, we were able to add fresh roasted chicken breast, homemade soups and sauces, fresh ground hamburgers, pizza made from scratch, fresh salads and produce, whole grain wraps and pastas, and dressings made with olive oil.

We found that by using fresh ingredients and little or no foods that are processed or pre-packaged, we are able to control our costs and offer these higher quality foods at lower prices.

By using our existing infrastructure and trained staff, we can put more money not only into the food, but also the labor it takes to prepare dishes made from scratch. It takes more effort and attention to detail, but the product is well worth the work.

In addition to preparing breakfast and lunch on-site at each school daily, we also cater many of their faculty and staff functions. We have also worked with each school to help them organize and cater their special events, and have teamed up with the schools and their organizations to donate food and services whenever possible. We are proud to treat their communities as our own!

Over the years, we have succeeded in serving a higher percentage of students and staff at each school than ever before. We work directly with the students, faculty, staff, parents, and organizations to constantly adjust and improve our service to meet their likes and dislikes. We have always been open to their suggestions, as our success depends directly on their satisfaction. By doing the work ourselves we have increased the use of the cafeteria and have improved sales of homemade daily specials, homemade salads, and other fresh foods.

By focusing on these healthier options we feel that we can help to build better eating patterns that will follow the students throughout their lives.