School Foodservice

Bringing exceptionally healthy food to your kids at a reasonable price.

“It’s Like Having a Restaurant in our School!”

- Father Thomas McCarthy, President of St. Rita High School

Our school food service program was launched in 2001 when we teamed up with Morgan Park Academy, and has since expanded to P.L.A.I.D. Academy, St. Rita High School, Marian Catholic High School, Mount Carmel High School, Holy Trinity Catholic High School, and Mount Assisi Academy. As a family owned and operated restaurant and catering business our emphasis has always been on the quality of our food and service, not the exact profit margin. We are only as strong and profitable as our community! We kept this same mindset in our school foodservice, treating each student the same as a customer in our restaurant. We always seek out feedback from the students to custom fit each school’s menu to their tastes.